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Welcome to NJHSA!

You're just 2 steps away from completing (or renewing) your membership and being able to participate in NJHSA activities.  ESTE NO ES EL FORMULARIO ES UNA COPIA DE REGISTRATION. TOCA MODIFICAR ESTE

Membership Fees

Membership Type


Renewal (Current Members) Early

Renewal (Current Members) Late fee







May 15th - June 30th

July 1st - July 30th

For financial hardship cases, please contact


STEP 1:  Enter your registration or renewal information below.

STEP 2:  Make your payment.

To Know: 

RENEWING MEMBERS: You are not considered "renewed" until this form has been completed AND your invoice paid.

RENEWING MEMBERS: A $10 late fee will be applied to your account if payment is not received by August 1st.

If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Coordinator ( before continuing.

Membership Type:
Enable Text Messages. (I am able and agree to receive text messages at the number above. I understand carrier message and data rates may apply)
Upload File
To help with activity and graduation planning, please indicate if you will have a student in any of the following grades (Select all that appy)
Please let us know your areas(s) of interest. (Select all that apply)
NJHSA thrives by volunteers and help is always needed. Please let us know if you are open to and willing to serve in any of the following roles. (Select all that apply)
Weekly Email Update: Would you like to receive a weekly email update?
Classifieds: Would you like to receive ALL classified notifications via email:
Daily Digest: Would you like to receive notifications on a daily basis?
HSLDA Member (Home School Legal Defense Association) This question is asked as grant monies from HSLDA - group number 292173) have been previously awarded to NJHSA and are influenced by our patronage. If in doubt answer no.



Enter the FIRST names of all children under age of 18 (separated by a comma) who will participate in NJHSA events (add last name if different).  

  • In order to be covered by NJHSA insurance the same names must also appear in the Membership Profile.

  • Children over 18 must complete their own waiver and the NJHSA Membership Coordinator will contact them directly.

Parent/Legal guardian please check here if you have READ and AGREE with the NJHSA Waiver

Registration Form Submitted!

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