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Why do you do it?

The many reasons why parents choose to educate their children at home include:  the desire to preserve family unity; the academic freedom experienced at home; the desire to transmit faith and values to their children on a daily basis; the positive social/emotional development fostered in the home; the success of the tutorial method of teaching; the absence of stress, peer pressure and other influences by which some children have been harmed at school. 

What is Home Schooling?

Educating your children at HOME.

Working, playing and learning Together.

Children learning at their own pace
And in their own way.

PRIVATE SCHOOL – at a fraction of the cost.
TUTORING at its best.

Optimum parental INVOLVEMENT in education.

Education that meets YOUR standards.
Taking CONTROL of curricular content.

A lifestyle which allows parents
to pass their VALUES on to the children.

Making FAMILY UNITY a priority.

Spending the TIME with your children
that they crave and deserve.

Giving children a SAFE and SECURE place
from which to launch out into the world.

A learning atmosphere where SELF-ESTEEM can thrive.

Allowing children SPACE
To explore and think and play and BE.

A rapidly GROWING educational movement

Are you qualified to teach?

In the words of education expert Raymond Moore, “The greatest teaching talent in the world lies in the warm, responsive and consistent parent whose love makes the needs of his children his highest concern.  If anyone disagreed, ask him for his evidence.  Parents’ daily one-to-one example amounts to master teaching at the highest level.”